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Ukulele Wedding!

"My parents thought I was nuts when I told them I wanted to walk down the aisle to ukulele music, but when they heard Alan's playing they became converts. His beautiful ukulele renditions of traditional songs were a highlight of my wedding. I had always wanted to walk to "Here Comes the Sun" and Alan's unique instrumental version was perfect." Jill M.

Perfect Day

"I was planning my wedding and having a hard time choosing the right music when I heard Alan playing a local concert. I knew immediately this was the sound I was looking for, and I was delighted when he told me that weddings were his specialty! He was an absolute professional, attending closely to my musical needs. He even wrote several original arrangements of particular songs I wanted and they sounded beautiful on his ukulele. Made our day! Denise G.

Flamenco Wedding!

Alan wrote an original flamenco guitar piece to perform during the candle lighting ceremony at our wedding, and it added such a special touch to our event. His guitar rang through the cathedral! Maria C.

"La Ultima"

When I first heard Alan Goodman's CD "romance revenge redemption" I knew that I wanted to walk down the aisle to his song "La Ultima". I was lucky enough to be living in Westchester at the time,and so got in touch with Alan, and he agreed to play at our wedding. Rather than simply playing the recording, I had the real thing, and it was exactly as I had envisioned it! Alan's music that day made set the tone for our party, and it was perfect! Elizabeth G.

Yoga and .....

I first heard Alan playing guitar, ukulele and the oud at the Yoga Sanctuary at the Sunday morning class. It was transformational and with out a doubt, made the class!! I later asked him to play at my father's memorial service as I know he can set a perfect mood - which he most definitely did. Thank you Alan!


I hired Alan to play at the opening of my store, Breeze in Chappaqua. As the customers came in, drank some wine, ate some appetizers, Alan meandered playing his ukulele. It was a unique touch that really set us apart! He has come back for other events and each time he has a new repertoire. Alan - you rock!